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As a local missionary, prayer is of the utmost importance. Every aspect of my life has to be covered in prayer. Why? Because without prayer, I know my ministry is ineffective and my life is dry and monotonous. When on the missions field, I can tangibly feel the prayers of people. On the contrary, I can feel the absence of those prayers when people aren’t praying as they should.  more

This past week I was conducting an interview for the local newspaper, The Tennessean. As the reporter and I talked, he made an interesting statement, “that God was no longer allowed in schools.” I have been in multiple meetings and even listened to other press try to push this agenda. However, like I did with this conversation, I whole-heartedly disagreed with this thought.  more

It’s summer time and if you are connected to a group of students through a church youth group or community gathering, you know they are on the move.  This time of year students can be found at camps, ball fields, or rehearsals, to name just a few. This means that there are adult leaders serving them in each of these activities as well. more

Here is FP Nashville being featured by one of our church partners. This body of believers is investing with their time, talents and finances. So thankful for their partnership.

Even Kunz helped launch First Priority at his school during the 2010-11 school year. He returned today as a Union University student to share with his alumni during club time. His message of the Kingdom of God and God’s plan to use the students in First Priority was both timely and awesome. Evan reflects on what it is like to come back for a day.

Well I have one of those stories tonight, that only a Father could make real.

Tonight as a family we were all hanging in the bonus room of our home, enjoying a simple time together.   more