Adult Leader

Adults Serving Students

One of the misconceptions that has been broken over the past 15 years of youth ministry is: “students do not want their parents around“. Numerous studies prove that in this crucial time of development nothing could be further from the truth. Parents are seen all over at schools for ball games, musicals and other club events. A First Priority movement is no different.

Parents, grand parents and local community leaders play a crucial role in uniting the body of Christ around each school. Here are a few opportunities that adults can partake in as part of the First Priority movement.

PRAY: Every school needs a parent who will take on the role of coordinating prayer around the school. First Priority partners with groups like Moms In Prayer International to help ease the tension of getting this group started.

PARTICIPATE: Every week the club meets. During that time, adults are welcome to come and serve the students via their request. We also have one week a month, where the students coordinate an adult community leader to come in and remind students that God has called them to influence their school.

PROVIDE: Many of our financial partners are local business owners and leaders who see the leadership value of a Christian club like First Priority. Adults can support the schools through monthly gifts to First Priority. They can also partner with leadership trainings by providing materials or services to make those events possible.

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