Students Serving Students

First Priority is a student-led movement meant to influence each school with the gospel. We believe that this generation of teenage students is not only one of the most called by God, but one of the most determined to take advantage of every door that He opens for His love to be shared.

In Nashville, we are convinced the largest organism on any school campus is the body of Christ. Usually it’s just that no one has ever united it. Instead the football team, student government and band bring the largest peer influence. We are also convinced that most students who do not have a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ have not rejected him, they simply have not experienced the real Jesus.

So what if? What if students united the body of Christ to bring the gospel’s influence to their school?  What if students began to pray about opportunities to tell just one about His good news? What if someone was there to help with all of that?

Check this video out and then contact us so we can get started.