Church Leader

Churches Reaching Students

First Priority is a local church strategy, not a para church ministry. This means we only engage schools where local churches want to unite to reach students at their school. There are three levels that a church can get involved. This usually depends on their youth and where they attend school.

PRAYER: We need churches who see First Priority and uniting the local Church around schools as something worthy of time given to prayer. This can include First Priority prayer magnets with your students and their schools on them given out during a missions Sunday. It can include a time of prayer during one of the prayer services, or a time that you have a local First Priority rep and all your youth brought forward on a particular Sunday for prayer.

ENGAGE A SCHOOL: We need parents, youth leaders or community leaders to take on coaching roles for the schools that your students attend. This can be part of a coaching team, or a weekly engagement. This leader is trained, certified and back ground checked by First Priority.

FINANCIAL PARTNERS: We have a number of churches who have seen First Priority Nashville as a place to support with monthly mission funds. In order to provide the appropriate trainings, school materials and supplies we need partners of all gift sizes. There is also First Priority Sundays, where churches choose to bring in a First Priority rep to speak during their main service or in Sunday school classes to take one-time offerings to support the mission.

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